Clinic Prague

Clinic Prague

Perfect Clinic - the superb Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic Kartouzská at Prague was opened for patients in January 2010. Founders Dr. Roman Kufa and Dr. Zdeněk Pros and their expert team brought in the best equipped and staffed clinic in our country. Architectonically sophisticated workplace offers among other things two operation rooms, intensive care unit, sufficient bed capacity and recovery rooms, latest vital monitoring technologies, appropriate working platform and private sector infrequent permanent medical supervision.

Our expert team is the best you can get in the Czech Republic. Dr. Zdeněk Pros, Great Britain repatriate, 2 anaesthetists, outpatient liposuction operators and facial surgeons are the new specialists who reinforced our new team. The Pavilion South HealthCare Centre where Perfect Clinic is located offers in order to provide the best patient care the future cooperation option with our clinic neighbors.

Fully equipped and furnished single-bedded/double-bedded rooms as well as a´la cart meals available.

Thanks to presence of our new specialists we have the great opportunity to introduce the newly added procedures: Chin augmentation - New method of own bone implant. A chin augmentation is a surgical procedure to reshape or enhance the size of the chin. It may be done either by inserting an implant or by moving or reshaping bones. Using own bone reshaping/moving method decreases the risk of further implant acceptance.

Another newly established procedure is a Septum Surgery conducted simultaneously with a cosmetic nose surgery. The nasal septum deviation usually goes along with an aesthetic nose operation, and patients had to go through two operations. Now they have the great chance, thanks to the ENT specialist present at the surgery, to undergo only one. This brings great relief to patients and shortens the recovery period.