M.D. Jaroslav Hirňák, plastic surgeon

He is holder of the Czech Medical Chamber licence in the field of plastic surgery and he is a member of the JEP Society in the field of plastic surgery. Moreover, he is a member of the Society for Laser Application in Medicine.

He specializes in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and performs a complete range of cosmetic surgeries. He worked as a 1st and 2nd degree attestation surgeon, and, moreover, he specialized in plastic surgery. Besides his attestations in Plastic Surgery, he also obtained the attestation in General Medicine.

Until 2011, he was, at the same time, working as a plastic surgeon at the Faculty Hospital Olomouc, and, from this year on, he has started to be completely dedicated, with heart and soul, to working as a plastic surgeon in the Perfect Clinic. Since 2012, he has been living in Liberec, where a new branch of the Clinic was opened.