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Auto augmentation is breast enlargement using one's own fat tissue, which is performed on women who don't desire a significant difference in size. The size of the breasts by using one´s own fat tissue during the auto augmentation can be ideally enlarged by one to one and half sizes; in this case we are speaking about it as it refers to filling the cleavage.  Auto augmentation cannot be considered an adequate alternative to breast enlargement by implant, due to a relatively great procedural limitation. In addition to the limited size of the breasts, it is necessary to take into consideration the area of the fat extraction, where a rather large quantity of fat is required. Therefore, this method of breast augmentation is not an option for very thin people, although deliberate weigh gain before surgery is not uncommon.

Although the fat itself is purified and separated using a special technology (Cytori bags are used at Perfect Clinic), it is not possible to sustain 100% of the transferred substrate.  Because up to 60% of the fat is absorbed,   the breast enlargement with one´s own fat procedure needs to be repeated two to three times. In this way, the auto augmentation has a more lasting effect.