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Face lift (SMASS), Neck lift

It is a natural manifestation of the aging process that the skin slackens and hangs, and wrinkles are formed on the face. The time when these manifestations become apparent is individual, within thirty and fifty years of age. It depends, among others, on the type of the skin, the genes, the occupation, the solar radiation effects. The manifestations of aging on the face can be reduced by a plastic surgery operation, professionally called face lifting. This plastic surgery is carried out under a combination of local anaesthesia and general intravenous anaesthesia. The surgical incision leads from the hairy part of the temporal bone down past the earlobe, and continues to the crease behind the auricle. The resulting scar, in case of fine healing, is then only noticeable as a discreet line in the area of the temporal bone and behind the auricle. We also carry out, almost on regular basis, the SMASS lifting, pulling the deeper layers under the skin, which allows for attaining a better lifting of the skin and a more permanent effect.

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Face lifting may be combined with eyelid surgery and draining fat off of a double chin. Hospitalisation lasts for one or two days, and the patient goes home with a bandaged head.

Post-Surgery Care

The patient’s head is bandaged after the surgery. The bandage is taken off on the 5th day after the surgery whereupon the hair can be washed carefully. The bandage is not necessary afterwards. The stitches are usually absorbent, so there is no need to remove them. Oedema and bruises may persist for 2-3 weeks. During this time, it is necessary to avoid physical strain, and unnecessary bending. Office work is possible on the 5th day after the removal of the bandage, but nevertheless, the patient must take into account the persistent bruises and oedema. Pressure massages of the scars begin 14 days after the surgery. We press the scar with a finger for 30 seconds, release, and move the finger to another place on the scar. These massages must be repeated several times a day.

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