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Pre-operative testing

Following testing reports can not be older than 14 days.

The patients admit process essential reports:

Operation executed under local anesthesia:
Blood count, Mineralogram, Blood sugar, Quick (INR), APTT

Operation executed under general anesthesia:
Blood count, Urine analysis, Mineralogram, Blood sugar, ALT, AST, ECG w/ description, Quick (INR), APTT, Lung scan (from the age of 60 with healthy patients\ Patients with lung disease always)


The report must include an explicit consent to operation under general anesthesia.
Incomplete report doesn´t qualify for operation.

Medical restrictions

Operation can be carried out only on healthy patients. No catarrh, tussis, ulcerous rash, herpes etc. patients are allowed. 2 - 3 weeks recovery period is necessary after any febrile illness. Patients can not use any anti-coagulants (Aspirin etc.) for a period of 4 weeks prior to your scheduled operation.

Surgery Do´s and Don´ts

  1. Bring all the medication you use
  2. Personal grooming items and slip-on shoes
  3. Enough cash, or a credit card to cover the payments or your payment check

Patients with general anesthesia - please DO NOT eat anything 6 hours prior to your surgery. Only WATER is allowed for drinking (NO MILK, NO COFFEE, and NO JUICE). Please DO NOT drink anything 2 hours prior your surgery.

Depilation prior to your surgery

Axillary hair shaving is required for patients one day before the breast surgery. Other body areas shaving is required according to the type of operation (genitals etc).