Our clinic was opened in Prague 5 in January 2010. A carefully assembled team of plastic surgeons under the direction of Roman Kufa and Zdenek Pros performs a full range of aesthetic plastic surgery, while a second, all-female team headed by Dr. Vera Terzijska specializes in minimally invasive procedures of aesthetic dermatology.

The architecturally significant facility of Perfect Clinic is situated on three floors: the ground floor with the entrance to the clinic, reception, and three fully equipped examination rooms for consultations with plastic surgeons; the second floor with the aesthetic dermatology department and its outpatient clinics; and the third floor with offices, two surgical halls, and a fashionable ward with beds.

With regard to maximizing safety, the inpatient ward is equipped with monitoring technology for continuous supervision by medical personnel and the emergency doctor, which is not common in the private plastic surgery sector.