Perfect Clinic opened in Prague 5 in January 2010. A handpicked team led by Roman Kufa and Zdeněk Pros provides a full range of esthetic procedures and plastic surgery operations. The clinic boasts a sophisticated layout spreading over three floors, with the entryway, reception area and three fully equipped offices for plastic surgery consultations on the ground floor. The next floor is where out-patient procedures take place and the top floor holds doctors’ offices, two operating theatres and beautifully designed in-patient rooms. In the interest of keeping patient safety first, the clinic has a room for monitoring vital signs and monitoring equipment installed in the rooms themselves, so that the medical staff and on-site doctor can keep an eye on things at all times, which sets us apart from plastic surgery clinics in the private sector.

Fully equipped and furnished single-bedded/double-bedded rooms as well as a´la cart meals available.