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Increased amounts of fat deposits present a discomforting deviation. The fat lay-out is different in men and in women, and it is one of the secondary sex indicia. Among the localities with more prominent fat deposits, there are the buttocks, the outer and the inner thighs, the inner side of the knee, the abdomen and the double chin. We are able to remove the excessive fat from these areas by liposuction, i.e. the suction of the fat. We are using tumescent liposuction, where we apply a special solution into the subcutis which releases the fat cells and the fat is then drained off by means of a cannula connected to a compression vacuum pump. We can drain off as much as several litres of fat during one operation. Liposuction is not a method for resolving excessive overweight; we only remove fat from the areas of body which cannot be influenced by a reduction diet or physical exercise. Therefore a reduction in weight is advantageous prior to the liposuction surgery.

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Fat in smaller localities can be sucked under local anaesthesia, as an outpatient operation; larger localities are treated under general anaesthesia, requiring 1-2 days of hospitalisation.

Post-Surgery Care

After the surgery, the patient wears compression clothes on the body parts subjected to the liposuction. The compression clothes are worn constantly for 4 weeks. On the 3rd day after the surgery, the patient may take off the clothes, remove the patches from the cuts where the cannula was inserted and it is possible to take a shower. The cuts sealed by a stitch are then again covered by a patch and the compression clothes are put on again. From the 3rd day after the surgery the patient can take showers every day, the clothes can be washed and, while drying, it is recommended that the patient lies down, with no walking (however, the patient should not be without the compression clothes for more than 2 hours).

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The doctor removes the stitches from the cuts where the cannula was inserted 14 days after the surgery. The patients can remove the stitches themselves in the event that they cannot come for the re-bandaging. Office work is possible as early as 3-4 days after the surgery, though while wearing the compression clothes. Physical exercise may begin 3 weeks after the surgery. With small liposuctions, carried out under local anaesthesia, office work is possible as early as two days after the operation.

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When draining off a double chin an elastic mask is applied onto the head or an elastic roller bandage is used to bind the double chin over the head. The patient keeps this compression for 14 days. The patient can wash her/his hair 3 days after the operation, placing the compression back, however, immediately afterwards. Physical strain in this case is possible as early as 2 weeks after the surgery.