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Plast. surgery / Aesth. dermatology

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Consultation with clients:

"I take a very responsible and individual approach to client consultations. I am here for you so that together we can walk the path of health, beauty and confidence. Your satisfaction is my priority and your success is my joy. Every smile is my greatest reward."

About her work:

"As a doctor, it is very important to me that I am able to respond to each patient's individual needs. Just like us humans, our skin is different. Therefore, I strive to give my clients the best advice and offer a treatment plan tailored to their needs."

About herself:

"My biggest relaxation is when I put on my sneakers after work, put on some music and go for a run. I like to spend my free time being active - my favourite activity is hiking, where I can combine sports and my love of the outdoors. I also like to travel and get to know new places and people. When I manage to find time and stop completely, I read a good book."