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Attitude to consultations:

Dr. Kučera focuses on individual care, tailoring the treatment plan to the client's specific needs and openly discussing the benefits and risks of each procedure. With an emphasis on the safety and effectiveness of procedures, he approaches clients empathetically and without prejudice. What clients appreciate about him is his trustworthy and professional care.

About his work:

“My work is very varied. Every patient is different. In dermatology, we have a wide range of treatment methods at our disposal, and at the same time we apply our own aesthetic sensibility, which is unique in medicine. Whether I'm helping with aging gracefully or perhaps correcting what adversity has brought, I'm happy to be doing work that not only improves health but also makes patients happy.”

Beyond the white coat:

“Outside of work, I spend my time typically like most colleagues: family, sports, travel. I also like to read, I'm interested in architecture, design and music. I'm a fan of gastronomic tourism and I like Japanese teas and French wines.”

Did you know

  • He holds a primary license in dermatovenerology.
  • He is a national trainer for botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • He has taught anatomy to medical students for over 10 years, an unusual but valuable experience for a dermatologist. He worked first as a lecturer before graduation and then as an assistant professor of anatomy, where he supervised the practicum, the practical, and the final exam in anatomy.
  • He was the quarantor of a unique centre for radiotherapy of non-cancerous skin diseases - the so-called Bucky Therapy.
  • He collaborated and published research with the French Nobel Prize winner Prof. Jean-Marie Lehne.


Jan Kučera M.D., dermatology