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Attitude to consultations:

Dr. Paděra makes sure that the consultations are sufficient, in the sense that the patient always leaves with all the information about the planned procedure, the postoperative course and the subsequent recovery.

About his work:

“I like its great variability and diversity, the possibility of correcting or repairing the deficiencies of nature, to see the effect of surgery not only on the body but also on the soul of the clients. My motivation is satisfaction with the result of the work and the good feeling of the patients.”

Beyond the white coat:

“As a former top professional sportsman, I am very tenacious, determined and strict with myself. I owe the figure skating I did most to precision, which is key for me not only in my work. At home, I'm known as a maximalist. I like to cycle around France, Holland, Corsica and the Czech Republic. I also love skiing and, more recently, cross-country skiing. I relax while fishing. I actively relax at the cottage, where I work with wood. My great hobby is painting and reading historical literature and detective stories.”

Did you know

  • He is currently focusing on nose surgery
  • He is a member of the JEP Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, EPRAS (European Plastic Surgery Society) and the International Society for Burn Injuries
  • He has more than 30 years of experience
  • In his youth, he was a top figure skater

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Doctor Jiří Paděra at work