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Plasma therapy – rejuvenation with your own blood

The trend in aesthetic medicine today is toward minimally invasive, outpatient procedures. Perfect Clinic is no exception. "A new weapon in the battle against aging is plasma therapy (plasmalifting). It isn't a miracle, of course, but it is a maximally effective method of rejuvenation, working at the cellular level with the help of our own blood plasma, enriched with blood platelets," explains Dr. Roman Kufa, Perfect Clinic's medical director. This special blend contains an unbelievable 600 % more blood platelets and growth factors, which stimulate the stem cells and force them to produce more of the collagen fibers that would naturally disappear with age.

The principle of plasma therapy is the biostimulation of collagen cells found in the skin. Scientific research has shown that skin aging is caused by the natural loss of collagen, which is linked to poor hydration and reduced activity in the fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen). Our own plasma is rich in blood platelets, and is able to stimulate these cells to renew collagen production. This leads to the regeneration, brightening, and distinct rejuvenation of the skin.

Plasma therapy – rejuvenation with your own blood

Plasma therapy – rejuvenation with your own blood

What is blood plasma?

Blood plasma is the transparent medium that contains all the blood bodies, such as the red and white cells and platelets, in our blood. Plasma itself (and more so the platelets) contains growth factors, substances that are able to start up the activity of the cells (called fibroblasts) that produce collagen, while repairing older cells and forcing them to multiply.

Principle of the plasma therapy miracle

The technique is appropriate for every age group, with the best results (especially preventive) able to be reached among 35-40 year olds with minor facial faults or fine wrinkles.

The whole process of plasma therapy is relatively easy. The first necessity is the collection of 8-10 mL of blood from the patient, as in a normal blood sampling, and then to separate this in a special centrifuge so as not to damage the blood platelets. This treatment of the plasma, which takes about 10-15 minutes before the treatment, concentrates the platelets and growth factors a remarkable 600 %! Thanks to this, the concentration of stem cells in a given location increases up to 10 times after treatment, starting up and noticeably strengthening the body's natural healing process. In other words: by applying growth factors to the stem cells in the skin, we can get them to become mature adult cells that are able to produce the collagen fibers that are the basis of regeneration.

Home in an hour

Plasmalifting is an outpatient procedure. There is no hospitalization: you will come and go on the same day, and the whole procedure takes no more than an hour!

The procedure is performed at an outpatient clinic after the application of an anesthetic cream. In the case of plasma without any addition of hyaluronic acid, the plasma is injected into the skin with a thin needle making tiny punctures. If the plasma is enriched with hyaluronic acid, a cannula is used to make a small number of punctures.

After the procedure, it is advisable to apply a cooling and hydrating mask, and it is important to prevent swelling both before and after. After treatment, we recommend limiting physical activity; not exposing the treated areas to sunlight, extreme heat or cold; and avoiding laser and peeling treatments of the skin for a minimum of two to three days. Likewise it is best to avoid saunas and swimming.

Plasma therapy should be repeated approximately every half year. In the case of hair loss or alopecia, deeper wrinkles, dry skin, or acneiform eruptions, the procedure can be repeated after two to three months, resulting in very effective healing.

Combination with hyaluronic acid and other uses

Although fillers based on hyaluronic acid hydrate the skin and make it possible to fill in wrinkles or change facial contours, during plasma therapy real regeneration takes place. In addition, it is possible to combine plasma with hyaluronic acid, guaranteeing better hydration of the skin and allowing for the treatment of deeper wrinkles and faults in the face. It is also effective in combination with formulas containing amino acids (the building blocks of the proteins collagen fibers are made of).

The great advantage of this technique is that it works with a substance from the body itself, so allergic reactions are virtually impossible. Other huge benefits are also shown in treating alopecia, improving acneiform eruptions, healing chronic defects, or smoothing scars.

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