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Lip Enhancement - Augmentation

Narrow lips can be widened temporarily or permanently. With temporary lip augmentation, we use synthetic materials or fat taken from subcutis as the filling. The filling is then applied into the lip via an injection. However, the material slowly absorbs, and it is necessary to repeat the operation in a year.

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Permanent lip augmentation is achieved in the case of surgery using the surrounding tissue, when we make several incisions in the inner-lip part, so that no resulting scars are visible after the surgery. By relieving, shifting, and subsequent suturing the tissue on the inner part of the lips we achieve its widening, which will in this case be permanent. Plastic surgery of the lips is carried out under local anaesthesia (outpatient), or general anaesthesia (inpatient).

Post-Surgery Care

Oedema occurs after the synthetic material or fat is injected in the lip and may persist for 3-6 days. Ice is applied to the lip to reduce the oedema after the surgery. The patient can go home after the surgery, and s/he can even carry out office work on the same day. It is not good to press the lip unnecessarily; eventual unevenness will only be massaged gently. The area of the abdomen where the fat was taken out is sealed up by a patch, and is not to be washed for 5 days. After 5 days, it is possible to remove the patch and wash the area.

After surgical lip augmentation, there are stitches on the inside of the lip. Oedema and bruises may persist for one week. We apply ice to the lip and recommend soft meals. After a meal, it is necessary to rinse the mouth out by a solution of chamomile or water. The stitches are absorbent, and they will gradually come out. If they still remain in place after 14 days, it is necessary to remove them pre-surgery.

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Physical strain is possible 3-5 days after the surgical lip augmentation.